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Legislative ruler establishes Illinois as a potential cannabis hub

Lincoln County legislators became the first to use cannabis in the country

In May, Illinois became the eleventh state, which abused the cannabis before the legislative action for the adults. Illinois law has made a difference – one can argue, better than others, and provide a road map for other countries struggling to reach there.

In the beginning of this year, state legislatures in New York and New Jersey have been moving towards the same goal. But as both states, they stumbled over the finish line, and instead decided to think about the need for voters to approve it through the ballot. In fact, the governor of New Jersey said that lifting the legislative ban was almost impossible.

Illinois accepted the challenge, using a wrong start as a warning story and agreed on the bill a few hours before the end of the session for the summer vacation. Effective January 1, 2020 Although it is so informal, the government my.

Pritzker, a democratically elected Democrat who was elected in November, used ration for signing a law to use cannabis over 21 years of age to be consumed in homes and private businesses and to beg Are running the campaign.

MPs in Illinois not only passed the first bill to sell cannabis – it is also the most advanced cannabal law in the country.

This includes financial incentives as well as financial incentives and assistance to minority communities, which are the most deprived of the uneven application of old restrictions. Under the new law, Illinois will end criminal records of more than 750,000 people convicted of minor possession crimes.

Then, as the state accelerates its industry, special attention will be given for granting license to minorities living in extreme poverty-stricken neighborhoods and punishment for punishment. One-fourth of the tax revenue on cannabis will be reinvested and licenses will be issued in these communities so that they can be revived.

The State Bhang will also establish a special fund to support licensing fees and provide low-interest loans to minorities who open the cannabis business project. In the bill, the legislators established a vocational training program for the industry, which will be launched in September 2020 and “made up of a college dependent on the number of students earning more than 50% of the college.”

There is currently a relatively small cannabis industry in Illinois, where approximately 72,000 patients spend approximately $ 16.5 million per month. But it is expected to change soon, the country is expected to be the country’s second largest cannabis market, whose sale is at least $ 2 billion per year in a few years.

This is about $ 444 million in new tax revenues, currently facing $ 15 billion in unpaid bills for a country. Of course, this is for the fully operational and mature market. More minor figures are expected in the new year – $ 57 million for the state and $ 30 million for the new Minority Development Fund.

The state is likely to be more important, however, the explosion of new jobs coming as a result of the cannabis law. Illinois will now accept 55 medical cannabis licenses and market over 21 as soon as the law is enacted.

(Until May, new licenses will not be issued.) Most of the existing companies plan to hire cars in the beginning of this year to meet the expected demand in January. For example, Cisco Labs, located in Chicago, said that it will employ 600 people by 2020, its current number will double.

In one of the largest acquisitions in Canabis history, VeraƱo, acquired by Harvest Health and Recreation earlier this year, will appoint “hundreds” of new employees this year. Now one of the largest operating companies in the United States, Verano will maintain its operations in Chicago.

This is because Chicago is considered to be a very friendly friend of cannabis, and because Illinois law has prohibited the ban on cannabis and sale, unlike California, where large areas of rural counties Has banned it.

Chicago is ideally located to allow cannabis to work to reach the whole Midwest. Many companies in the city have already started to increase their production volume.

Chicago-based Green Thumb Industries and Revolution Enterprises are planning to expand their facilities. The revolution will go from 115,000 square feet to 750,000 within two years.

Illinois has discovered a way to pass legislation to legalize cannabis used by adults, which has stumbled across other states. In this process, it has established itself as the center of the cannabis industry, which guarantees a large range of new jobs and revenue to the state. Perhaps the lesson here is to learn, New York and New Jersey.

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