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Pakistan and India will bump into this Cricket World Cup again

The Cricket World Cup in England is in good shape. Some of the features of the heartbeat are very fast and very shocking.

Two weeks ago, teams like South Africa were described as the title contenders, but once again in the big tournament this team was disappointed in their match and emerged victorious in winning just one game in seven games.

There are at least four games so far in the tournament, proving that no team should be considered pre-game favorites, but only when the player comes to the ground is the actual test.

As the tournament progressed, the junk joint game also became faster. After Sri Lanka’s victory in England and the defeat of South Africa in Pakistan, the semi-final battle is also exciting.

After Pakistan’s defeat in the second-round match, cricket fans only know if India can clash again with their traditional rivals.

Now the top four teams in the table are New Zealand, Australia and India and hosts England.

After losing to India, and after losing to Afghanistan and Pakistan, the tournament was closed to South Africa.

Pakistan now occupy seventh place with five points from six matches. So how can Pakistan now reach the last four positions?

New Zealand – with five wins in six games at the top with 11 points. The remaining game against England, Australia and Pakistan is only one more victory, the Kiwi will get a place in the semi-finals.

(But what if New Zealand did not win any of the three matches but would stay 11 points, but in this case, the defeat in at least one of the three remaining demons of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan would be necessary, so the three could not be 10.)


The Kangaroo team is second with 10 points, with five wins in six games. Australia lost their match against India.

Aaron Finch remains unchanged against England, New Zealand and South Africa. Another win will be secured to reach the semi-finals.

(But if he can not win any of the remaining three games … Australia will still have 10 points, in which case the Kangaroo will have to expect Sri Lanka to lose at least two games, and also Bangladesh and Pakistan. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan can win all 11 points.)


Firat Kohli’s team has not been defeated in the tournament so far. In five games, with four wins, the third is 9 points.

India beat South Africa, Australia, Pakistan and Afghanistan and scored points from New Zealand in a game where the rain stopped.

The remaining match against the West Indies, England, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Victory will be determined in two matches in the semi-finals.

(But if Team India does not win any of the remaining four games … India will have nine points, so Team India hopes that Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh will not win more than one game. The West Indies also lose at least one match.)


In the ICC ODI rankings, the hosts are number one in fourth place with eight points, with 4 points from six matches in England.

Australia, India and New Zealand have yet to play games. To reach the semi-finals, you have to win two matches.

(But if the England team does not win any of the remaining three matches … England will remain eight points and are about to exit the tournament, but some may be in the semi-finals.

Now we are talking about Pakistan. After becoming slow in 1992, the Pakistani team that became a hero can still dream of becoming a hero.

Pakistan are seventh with five points from two matches. The team recalled their return to the tournament by beating South Africa with 49 rounds.

Match New Zealand, Afghanistan and Bangladesh against the rest. To reach the semi-finals, Pakistan must win the three games. This will make Pakistan 11 points, but then there will be some more but the other.

Surfraz & Co. To find a place in the last four matches in which England will not win more than one match. Apart from this, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh lose at least one defeat.

So if India and Pakistan reach the semi-finals, they can clash in the first semifinals in Manchester on July 9 or the second semi-finals to be held in Birmingham on July 11, but there is still much to be done.

India’s performance in this case is the highest, in the tournament so far, the Indian team left only one shot. England’s performance was the worst after Pakistan.

On Sunday, Pakistan defeated South Africa with 49 rounds, thus successfully maintaining their claim in the semi-finals of the World Cup.

However, despite victory, Pakistani players are being criticized for good reason.

The Pakistani team left six times in this game alone and the Pakistani team was unable to recover from weakness in the entire tournament. Some people call it the worst team in terms of playing.


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