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Why the separatist leader is silent on the statement of the governor

Jammu and the governor of Kashmir Satipal Malik made a statement about the separatist freedom group. Malik said separatist freedom leaders were ready for the talks. This statement made a new discussion in Kashmir.

The debate revolves around whether this statement was given only to find the mood of separatists or that its meaning is much more.

In a program in Srinagar on June 22, Satiyal Malik confirmed that the situation in Kashmir had improved. He said in his statement that although freedoms had refused to speak to the delegation led by Ram Vilas Baswan in 2016, Hurriyat himself expressed his desire to speak this time.

This governor’s statement did not come suddenly. To a large extent, it was possible to answer an interview with Marwaiz Omar Farouk, published in an English daily newspaper in Jammu.

Marwaiz said that after assuming this great mandate, the government has assumed its responsibility in the middle, and it is his duty to implement the political process in the state and make every possible means to end the violence in the state.

The case of Kashmir

It seems that the governor owner issued this statement in response to an interview with Marwais. Although there is nothing new in Marwais’s comment, the question is, what happened after all, the governor had to give such a quick response. This is the subject of review.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is subject to direct central government for a long time. With the exception of some strikes and extreme confrontations, the situation is gradually moving toward normalization. Protests have fallen in the streets, and the number of victims has decreased during the demonstrations.

The Islamic Group, believed to be the center and state agencies, is the strongest organization to support popular support for extremists, and has been banned. In the same way on the Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front, whose leader Yassin Malik is currently in prison.

On this basis, the Mody government seems to be moving ahead with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčending the deadlock over Kashmir in its second term. Although it is no mistake to say that the Mody government’s strategy on Pakistan is quite different, but at the local level it seems that the government can think of some harmonious solutions. The owner’s statement can also be seen in this regard.

Atmosphere for elections

Secondly, the Council elections are now scheduled to take place in the State of Jammu and Kashmir and there is a need to create an enabling environment for the elections in the State. Perhaps that is why the central government is too active or disturbed to connect with Kashmiri separatists.

Interestingly, he did not respond to the governor’s statement on behalf of the separatists.

Seyed Ali Shah Gilani, head of a faction of the Freedoms Congress, has always supported Pakistan to join the negotiating process. Gilani, who has always rejected the comments of the Indian government as being outspoken, has also been silent this time.

Marwais, whose interviews forced the government to make such a statement, is also silent.

Is there really anything going on behind the scenes? nobody knows. But sweat persists, and many potential speculation is made. The truth is that since Moody’s election in the center, the Kashmiri goals of Kashmir are on target.

They said: “You can not bow to India with violence, the leaders here do not explain this to your children.” Take us all to love, through conversation, Narendra Modi is ready, we are ready. ”

He thought that the government often made mistakes, but the big mistakes committed by the leaders of Kashmir were committed by him.

“I respect freedom leaders, they have suffered a lot but for the wrong thing.”

He also said in articles 370 and 35a that the statement on many parties had been written on it. This is under discussion. But there is nothing the Kashmiris need to worry about. ”

Living in the preaching of Malaysia Islamic Indian Dr. Zacker Nike is trying to get back to India. Nike has been living in Malaysia for almost two years.

After a terrorist attack in Bangladesh in 2016 was against him made in India.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ravish Kumar has officially asked for “the government of India, Dr. Zaker Naik, to be delivered on Wednesday, and we will continue to work with Malaysia.”

Congress dissolved the party’s core committee. Congress held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the strategy for the next parliament session.

Party spokesman Randyp Surjewala said that the Secretary-General of the Party K.C. Venugopal will soon hold a meeting of state officials.

Rahul Gandhi did not attend this meeting, but Randyb Surjewala said Rahul Gandhi was the head of the party and would remain in the lead.

The European Union has appealed to Hong Kong to respect the rights of its citizens.

In Hong Kong, people descended on thousands of thousands against the amendment to the Extradition Act.

There were violent conflicts in these protesters and the police.

According to the proposed law, if someone commits a crime, Hong Kong will evade.

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